Design project

2d-design – creation of a computer-based two-dimensional image, which can be placed at black erotica the site or in advertising and information materials. 2d-design is used, for example, at the stage of an exhibition stand designing – it allows to see what the stand of your Company will look like, what color solutions will be the best option. Due to such preliminary modeling it is possible to make necessary adjustments to the design of the stand in advance and ensure the utmost effectiveness of the functioning of the stand at the exhibition. 

3d-design – creation of a three-dimensional realistic computer-based image, showing position of objects in space, giving perspective and allowing to see the computer-modeled object from different viewpoints. This work is more difficult to accomplish, but it offers more possibilities. 3d-design of your exhibition stand created in one of computer-aided design programs, you will have spread out before you a three-dimensional, almost real space of action of your promo-group at the exhibition. Every element of the stand, every detail of the structure is visible and almost tangible. It enables you to view and foresee lots of details in advance and gay porn contributes to productive work of the team with the visitors of the exhibition.